the gym cleaner


Your members expect a clean, hygienic and safe training space, machines and equipment. 

You’ll likely have daily cleaning or spot cleaning in place from your PTs, but is it enough? Their responsibilities are training clients, reception duties and membership sales so light dusting, tidying, spillages, and quick disinfecting is understandably the most they can get done!


Without a regular deep clean your gym will harbour bacteria and dust. This causes nasty smells, complaining gym members, and will spread infections, colds and viruses like COVID-19. 

Standard commercial cleaners are not trained or prepared to thoroughly disinfect and clean your gym - click below to see what specialist cleaners will do!



"Using The Gym Cleaner has been one of the best decisions I have made at Catalyst. The standards of cleaning are incredible and they help us to clean the hard to reach areas.


The guys are so friendly and very trustworthy…happy to leave them keys to my gyms. Additional to cleaning they have also helped to restore some of our equipment post lockdown, which now looks brand new and has saved us thousands of pounds.


Great value for money and can’t recommend them highly enough.


Catalyst Training, Cirencester



The number one reason for members cancelling their membership in the UK is the cost - it is not worth their money. 

Making sure your members feel valued, that your gym is worth their money, and they are safe from the spread of Covid-19, is vital in retaining them.


Having a meticulously clean gym, safe environment, and toilets they actually want to use is an easy way to do this.


Remember: it costs you up to 10x more to find new members as it does to retain existing ones.

single Deep clean

Deep clean your facility top to bottom to supercharge your daily cleaning schedule.

flooring clean

All types of gym flooring are scrubbed, dried and disinfected.



Increase the lifespan and grip of your barbells with knurling cleaning.

high height clean

Clear out the cobwebs up to three storeys high with our specialist kit.

disinfectant fogging

Antiviral fog disinfects every nook, cranny and crevice of your facility.

Window cleaning

Interior windows get grimy quickly which your members hate.

regular clean

Fits in with your budget and staff to keep your facility clean as possible.

Towel Service

Freshly laundered, disinfected and folded towels for your members.



Using Public Health England guidance, our specialist deep clean service gives you peace of mind.

Effective disinfecting techniques and products specially developed for gyms and leisure centres allow you to confidently provide a clean, hygienic and safer environment for your members and staff.


Covering touch points, walls, floors and equipment in every room we can respond quickly and operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.