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With every service, you can expect motivated and capable staff ready to get the job done! 


Scrubbing toilets or moving all the heavy equipment around to clean isn't high on your priority list, and understandably so! When you book us, not only are you ticking a job off your list, but you know it'll be done to the highest standard.


Barbell/Dumbbell Cleaning

Rust, chalk, dirt, dead skin - all gone!

Our team use the right equipment and products to bring your bars and dumbbells up to great quality, looking great and functioning well.

Clean bars mean improved grip, collars moving fluidly and generally looking fantastic!


High Height Cleaning

Particularly useful for gyms in industrial units.

Our equipment reaches up to three storeys high and clears out the cobwebs and (sometimes years worth) of dust in one session.

From £40inc VAT


Flooring Clean

Whether you have rubber flooring, hard floors, lino or anything else, our brilliant floor cleaning machines and specialised products will make a real difference without causing any damage.

From £40inc VAT

After (3)_edited_edited.jpg

Deep cleaning

We have the enthusiasm, focus and specialist kit to do the things your PTs and staff avoid.

Book us for any areas of your gym or the whole thing - whatever you need, whenever you need it.


Carpet Cleaning

High traffic areas - no problem. Protein shake staining - we got it.


Our industrial level carpet cleaning gives unbeatable results, every time!

Concept Rower_edited.jpg

Cardio Equipment Mini Service

Assault bikes, rowers, etc. all need their fans cleaning out and chains re-lubing from time to time.

Only £17+VAT per machine

Shower after 2_edited.jpg

Limescale Removal/
Bathroom Cleaning

We blast away limescale and other bathroom dirt/scum to leave your showers, toilets and sinks fresh and sparkling! Or book us for the whole changing/bathroom area!

Book as regularly as you'd like to cover anything you or your staff don't want to!


Rigging Cleaning

Clear any knurling of chalk and rust, remove cobwebs from the tops and remove chalk marks!


Disinfectant Fogging

Every nook and cranny of your facility is thoroughly disinfected with a market-leading antiviral disinfectant.


Fogging releases a fine mist of antiviral disinfectant into the air which then settles into every nook, cranny and crevice.   

Sports Hall after_edited.jpg

Sports Hall Cleaning

Specialist equipment and products clean and protect your floors.


High ceilings are no match for our 3-storey reach cleaning kit.

Our services are designed to work around you. We slot into your existing cleaning and make your life easier, if you pay a regular cleaner to come in every day and just want us monthly for floors or bathrooms etc. - that's fine! 

Just drop us a Whatsapp or call on 07926 990 662 if you'd like to discuss what we can do for you!


Home Move Cleaning

We also run The Reliable Cleaning Company Limited - a high quality move in/out cleaning, carpet cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning service.

Relied on by estate agents and individuals alike, you get a reliable service with results you can rely on!

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